Varun Patwardhan

Link to my GITHUB :

Thanks for stopping by. To introduce myself, I am a Data Scientist Consultant.

As a person, I am a compulsive explorer with an inclination to analyse everything at hand. I am an avid reader of wide variety of (Non-fiction) books in addition to Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. My other interests are science and existential philosophy. I derive my sense of meaning through philosophical exploration of knowledge. This compels me to see beyond mathematical formulae and gain intuitive understanding of scientific concepts and their vast number of life empowering applications. Naturally, I see data science as a way of exploring the patterns in variety of industries using similar principles and to introduce a similar obsession (optimization of cost function) in computers. I can proudly advertise below about myself:

• Data Science and Business Analytics Graduate Student with 8 years of professional Data Analytics experience. Extensive Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence/Analytics Experience at Accenture

• Demonstrated expertise in translating business problems into Data Mining / Machine learning solutions and interpretation of the model parameters to gain meaningful, actionable business insights.

• International work experience in Netherlands and India with demonstrated expertise over technical and business communication skills. Onshore coordination experience for different roles.

• Intuitive as well as Algorithmic understanding of Data Science/ Machine Learning methods, tools and techniques with wide breadth of hands-on knowledge.

• Willing to relocate anywhere in US for a role which is a good fit.

MBTI Personality Type: INTP – Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving

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