Varun Patwardhan


Hello Friends,

After the repeated hacking attempts for this blog,  I realized that the implications of the philosophy which was discussed here cannot be easily handled by the general masses. However, these ideas are too precious to be discarded. I am keeping these discussions on separate, administered forum. Please mail me at if you still want to be part of this closed forum. We will always welcome open minded thinkers to contribute and also welcome constructive criticism. 🙂

Anyway, I have left my job at Accenture as a Data warehousing/Business Intelligence Specialist and I have moved to United States to finish my Master’s in Data Science and Business Analytics.  This is a highly interesting field which encroaches on the boundaries of the very philosophy we were talking about. Machine learning/Deep learning will see a new revolution in upcoming days. I have decided to keep this blog in Sync with my career interests. Although I am currently very busy with my studies, I am always open for a discussion if we plan in advance ! 🙂